Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Trip for 2011: Lemery Batangas

2011 came with new goals for me. To let my mom experience new things, and as for me: travel, travel and travel. I promised myself that whenever there's a chance for me and my mom to get out of town, I'll definitely grab it. I just hope there are many wheelchair friendly places available so mom can come with me.

First on my list is Batangas. That province is known for it's many resorts and beaches. Only few hours away from Manila for you to be away from the busy streets of the city. I originally wanted to go to Laiya, but I was invited to a group vacation by my previous co-workers in Lemery instead. I know that part of Batangas would be less fascinating, but hey its still within the province so I gave it a shot. Off to my very first trip for 2011!!!

This getaway was planned by a previous colleague and a resort was already chosen by them. Meeting place was in Market Market, Taguig and our van left at around 9:45 A.M. Travel time took more than 3 hours, and we arrived at the resort at around 1:30 P.M. For commuters, vans going to Lemery Batangas are stationed at StarMall (Shaw MRT) with a fee of 170 per head. From Lemery, you can then ride a tricycle to go to your preferred resort for around P20-P30 only.

A. Santos Paradise Swimming Pools and Beach Resort offers variety of rentables from comfortable rooms to cottages. We stayed at one of their executive rooms. A bit small but the bathroom is well maintained and clean. There are three pools for different ages but the deepest is I think 5 feet only. Rates can be found at the bottom of this post.

My new goggles. ^^

We immediately went to check the beach. I didn't expect much but I have to be honest I was still disappointed. Sand color is somewhat umber to wenge though the texture is still fine. I saw litters here and there too. Good thing we were approached by a bangkero (boatman) and offered a trip to other islands, including dive spots for snorkling. Hell, yeah. I wouldn't dare miss it. I know that's what will make our trip a remarkable one. Price for Island hopping is P150/each (some might charge you P200 so prepare your haggling abilities lol), including the snorkling gear.I told him I will first let my  friends know and we'll probably go tomorrow. We spent the evening playing at the pool which closes at 12 midnight.

We prepared at around 10 A.M. for our island hopping. The boat departed while the sun is burning hot, but the sky was darker in our destination. We went past Ligpo island, a cave and the place for snorkling which all will be visited later. We directly headed to a place they call Anilao white sand beach (shares the same name but not the famous diving spot in Batangas). Boat ride took around 25 minutes to reach that destination. We arrived and were surprised with an additional P30 entrance fee albeit the sand in there is whiter with a shade of Fallow to Fawn.

We headed next to the snorkling area called "Dive and Trek". That for me was the best part of my Lemery trip. I was first acquainted to the coral water world when we went to Puerto Galera few years ago. I was greatly amazed with my first snorkling experience and I felt the zenith of happiness cause of the view of the ocean deep. Words never can explain. I was soo glad I experienced it again in Lemery. I can say that the underwater world I saw there was better than the one in Puerto. It seemed more calm and magical.  At first I was still wearing a life vest, but I removed it to properly take a dive. It really was captivating. I almost forgot reality, I didn't wanna leave.
                                                    <Thanks Apple for this pic>
As we go away from Dive and Trek, we were able to spot few non-Filipino tourists in scuba. I realized, I was immensely amazed already just with snorkling, it made me ask myself how much more if I were to scuba dive?!?! Now I found another ultimate goal, and that is to experience  more the feeling of being one with the ocean...to scuba dive!!!! I want to learn it right away but knowing myself, I would rather take it slow and save this best for last. Maybe learning it next year on my brthday will do, for now I'll focus first on snorkling.

Unfortunately we didn't take a dip anymore on the other dive spot (which I think is better than Dive and Trek-totally regret not taking a swim in it) called the Ligpo island. A very small island with clearer water separated only by few kilometers from the main land. I think my friends are already too tired because of the long time we spent in Dive and Trek. Well that gave me a reason to come back to the place. I would love to go there again, even alone.

Within ten minutes of boat ride, we reached the place with a cave they simply call "Kweba". The place best for picture taking. Lots to capture including a mini falls. Bad thing, the sky already turned darker when we were there. It rained when we got off the place.

It was past 3 P.M. when we arrived back at the resort. Kudos to our nice bankeros. I have their contact number if anyone would want their service. That boat trip was what made that vacation worth it. Some of us
including me had to commute back to Manila because of our job schedules. We left the resort at around 5:30 P.M by tricycle and we were dropped off at the market place where vans going to Manila can be found. Got back in the city at around 9:30 P.M.

Expenses: Sorry I cannot break it down properly since our payment was sorta like in a package state.
P1,500/each (group of 16 persons)
Including transpo(Van) fee
Foods for 2days 1nyt
Room accomodation
P150/each (group of 16 persons/2 boats) -Island Hoping
P30 -entrance to Anilao white sand beach
TOTAL: Php 1,680

For DIY transportation:
P170 -Manila to Lemery (Van stationed at Starmall Shaw)
P20 - Tricycle (Lemery to resort)

Few current rates in  A. Santos Paradise Resort
Executive Suite:
2 Family rooms, 8 beds, 2 air condition, refrigirator, chairs &
tables, private bathroom
P5,000/Unit = Overnight
P4,000/Unit = Daytime

Bamboo Suite
1 room, 2 beds, air condition, private bathroom, veranda
P2,000/Unit = Overnight
P1,500/Unit = Daytime
Beach Side Cottages - Good for 15 pax
P500/Unit  = Overnight
P400/Unit = Daytime

P1,000/Unit = Overnight
P800/Unit - Daytime

You can also visit their website form ore info:


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  2. a santos is the best place for the money!!

  3. Hi, we are also going to lemery. Can you give me the bankeros number. Thanks